Books and Magazines

Books and Magazines 

The Road to Serfdom 《往左走往右 走-海耶克啟迪自由之路》


In addition to Best Practice, the Institute has many other publications. The Institute’s publications not only help to educate students, but also the greater public. With support, Lion Rock published its first publication, the Chinese translation of The Road to Serfdom《往左走往右 走-海耶克啟迪自由之路》, in November 2007. It is the first Chinese translation of the abridged version of The Road to Serfdom, and reviews Friedrich Hayek’s postulations and examines their relevance in today’s Hong Kong. The book has been circulated throughout Hong Kong’s major bookstores and 463 secondary schools. Publishing work creates dialogue and awareness, which is why Lion Rock also held its first Essay Competition  on the same subject following the publication of the book.

Best Practice Journal 《最佳實踐》


Best Practice, published by The Lion Rock Institute, is the only quarterly journal in Hong Kong shedding light on the best practices in international policy with a focus on Hong Kong and the surrounding region. The journal is distributed to libraries, selected government offices and media, by subscription to government policy makers, opinion leaders, CEOs, academics and Executive Directors and through various bookstores in Hong Kong. The journal is well positioned as a gateway to changes in law and policy, making it the essential guide for leading developments. Read past issues on Best Practice’s webpage.



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