MK Street Debate

MKStreetFightThe Lion Rock Institute was invited by the Hong Kong Youth Think Tank 【1】 to debate in the streets of Mong Kok against Legislative Council Honourable Member “Long Hair” and the LSD (in Cantonese). The educational debate attracted hundreds of onlookers. The debate was a lively one 【2】 and the Liberal Party, who was in the audience, also got involved. Andrew Shuen, Director of Research, Peter Wong, Executive Director and Michael Ko on LRI’s side, disagreed with Long Hair and the LSD on the direction Hong Kong should be moving toward, especially in terms of the Competition Law, the MPF, education and Minimum Wage.

Lion Rock discussed the recent problem with school sizes and possible closures of schools, citing that unions are hurting the opportunities of students by asking for a comprehensive reduction in class sizes in order to ensure all schools stay open. Because the schools want to secure their own existence, they fail to recognize the harm they do to the students as they steal the opportunities away from youth to get to better schools. Also affecting youths will be the Minimum Wage policy, as youngsters will find it harder to secure jobs. 


【2】  (in Cantonese)

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