[Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID 19) Opinion Poll Result]WHO’s credibility crisis: Hong Kong people’s Mistrust of the WHO and cause

The Lion Rock Institute conducted a poll regarding Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid 19) .

The findings showed that a Majority of Hong Kong people do not trust the data provided by Chinese government.

The poll findings also shows that Organizations such as the WHO, through lending credence to Mainland Chinese data, will as a result itself suffer a credibility crisis.

The Lion Rock Institute IMPLORES all Organizations around the world that relies on being credible in fighting this possible Global Pandemic to be highly aware of potential credibility problems. More findings are as follow:


1. The Wuhan Coronavirus is …
1) Man-made, genetically modified in the laboratory 63%
2) Naturally evolved 37%

2. Do you think the data from mainland Chinese government is reliable?
1) Reliable 24%
2) Unreliable 76%

3. For media and organizations that directly report the mainland government data as truth, such as the World Health Organization, can they be trusted?
1) Trust 35%
2) Do not trust 65%

About the poll:
The Lion Rock Institute commissioned a market research agency to interview randomly 576 mobile phone interviewees from February 21 to February 24, 2020, targeting Hong Kong people who speak Cantonese.
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