Tobacco Tax Vs Smoking

Research Associate Nicole Alpert appears on Backchat to debate “Tobacco Tax Vs Smoking”,, discussing the tax in the wake of a recent study on the relationship between cost and numbers of people who smoke. It’s no new news that youngsters are price sensitive, but we should enforce the lawsContinue reading>

Hong Kong Monopoly?

Hong Kong Magazine (1/28/2011) Does Hong Kong have a competition problem? The hotly debated competition law, which the Legislative Council is currently examining, would set up a commission and a tribunal to limit conduct that prevents competition. The Lion Rock Institute, where I work, strives to educate the public onContinue reading>

Hong Kong must stay the free-market course

Nicole Idanna Alpert- SCMP (Opinion, 19/01/2010) News that Hong Kong tops the Heritage Foundation’s economic freedom index for the 17th straight year bolsters support for free-market policy decisions, but it doesn’t have everyone convinced. Talk abounds that the index isn’t a good representation of reality. This is hardly believable, givenContinue reading>

MK Street Debate

The Lion Rock Institute was invited by the Hong Kong Youth Think Tank 【1】 to debate in the streets of Mong Kok against Legislative Council Honourable Member “Long Hair” and the LSD (in Cantonese). The educational debate attracted hundreds of onlookers. The debate was a lively one 【2】 and theContinue reading>

Competition Law Will Benefit Hong Kong

In a letter to the WSJ dated July 20, 2010, Andrew Simpson and Marc Waha responded to Dan Ryan’s article “Competition Law and (Dis)order” with the following claims: Dan Ryan exaggerates the “vagueness and arbitrariness” of Hong Kong’s proposed competition law; most businesses can pinpoint the distinction between when theyContinue reading>