Backchat@RTHK – Poverty in HK – Nov 15

On Backchat, we’ll be talking about poverty in Hong Kong. According to a report by Oxfam, a record high of 650,000 people in 194,100 working households are living in poverty.  Why? Guest Host: Miranda Szeto Guests: Frederick Fung, Legislator/ Member, Poverty Commission Peter Wong, Executive Director, Lion Rock Institute ChuaContinue reading>

Backchat@RTHK – Minimum wage – Apr 05

On today’s Backchat, we’ll be talking about new minimum wage rate as the Minimum Wage Commission has launched an eight-week consultation on increasing rate of the statutory minimum wage to the range of $29 to $35 per hour. Is the adjustment acceptable? Dr. Chung Kim Wah, Assistant Professor, Department ofContinue reading>

Lifestyle choices go up in smoke with tax rises

Peter Wong- South China Morning Post (EDT, EDT11, 31/01/2011) A discouraging government report released recently says that the number of daily smokers in Hong Kong has increased marginally, while the number of legitimate cigarette sales has gone down. This suggests that, regardless of the tax on tobacco, the government’s currentContinue reading>