Tobacco Tax Vs Smoking

Research Associate Nicole Alpert appears on Backchat to debate “Tobacco Tax Vs Smoking”,, discussing the tax in the wake of a recent study on the relationship between cost and numbers of people who smoke. It’s no new news that youngsters are price sensitive, but we should enforce the lawsContinue reading>

Newsline- working poor?

Host : Michael Chugani Guest: Andrew Shuen, Fernando Chueng Topic: Working poor in Hong Kong? Part 1: Part 2:  

MK Street Debate

The Lion Rock Institute was invited by the Hong Kong Youth Think Tank 【1】 to debate in the streets of Mong Kok against Legislative Council Honourable Member “Long Hair” and the LSD (in Cantonese). The educational debate attracted hundreds of onlookers. The debate was a lively one 【2】 and theContinue reading>