Government Intervention Counterproductive: Economic Crisis Calls For New Thinking On Managing Risk, Stimulating Economies – New Report

NEWS BRIEF FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Monday 17 November 2008 THE LION ROCK INSTITUTE, Hong Kong Contact: Nicole Alpert & Bill Stacey, The Lion Rock Institute (Hong Kong)  +852 6239 8930 Julian Morris, International Policy Network (currently in USA)  +1 212 495 9599 Mark Baillie, International Policy Network (London)  +44 (0)7785Continue reading>

Hong Kong's Budget Bests Singapore's

Hong Kong’s Budget Bests Singapore’s The government’s sliding approval was surely given a boost today by the Hon. Finance Secretary John Tsang. The Budget thankfully bore few surprises and reinforced Hong Kong’s unique foundation, built upon the principle of “big market, small government.”Examining the Budget, The Lion Rock Institute wouldContinue reading>