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Lion Rock Scholarship Programme 2019

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Lion Rock Scholarship Programme

The Lion Rock Institute has established a scholarship programme for students in Hong Kong. We would sponsor students with a sound understanding of freedom, who would benefit from a learning experience in a world class free market economic think tank overseas, to gain insight into other societies, and to gain further understanding of economic and personal freedom.

Our target participants:

Local University students – majoring in Economics, Public Policy or other disciplines. Knowledge of economics is not required. More importantly, these students should have a passion for freedom and a desire to expand their knowledge in this area. DO YOU WANT MORE FREEDOM? If the answer is yes, you should sign up!

Number of scholars for 2019:

Summer 2019 = 3-6 students

Programme timeline for Summer batch 2019:

The deadline has been extended to February 15, 2019


Initial Selection

Information Session & Training

Final Selection

Overseas Think tank Experience

Debriefing & Sharing of Experience

Dec 1- Feb 15

Early Feb

Month of Feb – March

Early April

Summer 2019

Sept & Beyond

Application & Initial Selection

The first part of the application process is comprised of the submission of the student’s resume and a written submission. The topic of the written submission is (in no more than 500 words):

“In view of the current trade war, how should Hong Kong strengthen our role as a world class financial centre and free trade port?”

or “Do you believe there is a housing problem? If yes, how to you propose to remediate?”

The applications and in particular the written submission will aid in the shortlisting of applicants. The deadline for Application will be on Jan 31.

Training Sessions

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a series of training and information sessions aimed at deepening students knowledge of freedom. Discussion periods will be a central component of these sessions and will enable us to filter applicants via their involvement and application of knowledge.

The training sessions will focus on the below 3 readings. Shortlisted applicants must attend two of the three training sessions. You are encouraged to read all three, but are not required to. These training sessions will take place during the month of May.

  1. What has government done to our money by Murray Rothbard

  1. The Law by Frederic Bastiat

  1. Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

Final Selections

We will assemble a student selection committee including Lion Rock Institute Board Members and Members from Programme Sponsors to perform the final rounds of interviews. Applicants will be asked to propose a policy change that can improve the lives of the people of Hong Kong.

Where we can send students

We have strong relationships with these think tanks, and have previously sent students to some of them. They are all established organizations focusing on promoting freedom.

In summer 2018, three scholars were sent to Reason Foundation (LA),  Ayn Rand Institute (Irvine California), and Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne Australia.

Financial Sponsorship

Depending on location & length of stay for each student, we will provide a cash amount that covers transportation (air and local), food & accommodation and spending money.

For example:

Air ticket + stay + HK$200/day spending money (more for countries with higher living standard)

HK$10,000 + HK$10,000 + HK$200 X 60 days = ~HK$30,000

(The amount is subject to the final decision of The Lion Rock Institute)

Important Note

Because of the crucial importance of obtaining the right travel visas, the Scholarship will be dependent on the student to acquire an appropriate travel visa once selected.

Also, some think tanks may conduct their own interviews before students are accepted into their programme.

Debriefing and Sharing of Experience

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Scholars will be expected to share their experience and to continue to represent the institute as freedom fighters.

For full programme information, please download the detailed guide by clicking here


TO SIGN UP – Submit your resume + Written submission to this email (deadline is on Feb 15, 2019):




Review of Lion Rock Scholarship Programme 2018
In 2018, we received over 50 initial applications, from which 12 students were selected to attend our training classes. A final of four students were awarded a scholarship.

Training Classes

In addition to regular reading clubs, the following special training classes were provided to the qualified applicants:

The History of Positive Non-Interventionism in Hong Kong – Andrew Shuen

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt – Nick Sallnow-Smith

The Definition of Money – Bill Stacey

The Law by Frederic Bastiat – Laurence Pak

Government Regulation in Australia – Andrew Pickford, CEO of Mannkal Institute in Perth Australia

Selection Panel

The students were asked to design a new policy or to remove an existing one in order to improve the lives of the people of Hong Kong. They then presented this proposal to members of our board and representatives from our programme sponsors on the selection panel.

Testimonials of Lion Rock Scholars 2018

Veronece Wun, Juris Doctor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“My internship at the Ayn Rand Institute allowed me to thoroughly explore the mutual ideas shared between libertarianism and objectivism. I was particularly inspired by their strong advocacy for laissez-faire capitalism and private property rights to lead to eventual political and economic freedom. It was fascinating to delve into principles related to limited government and honest entrepreneurship that I can apply in both a US and Hong Kong context.”

Aaron Kwong, Bachelor of Laws, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Thanks to the generous donors and the Lion Rock Institute, I was enabled to intern at the Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne.

First, I learnt that government interventions create political uncertainty and lead to unintended and undesirable consequences. As a result of the Australian government’s extensive intervention on the energy sector, electricity is costly, unreliable and inefficient. Second, I was fortunate to join the gala dinner celebrating the Institute’s 75th anniversary. It was eye opening listening to successful businessmen such as Rupert Murdoch and former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Third, I was inspired by the think tank’s approach to the younger generation. The Institute is aware of the importance in passing the message from generations to generations, which is something I admired.”

Lorenz Lo, Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature, The University of Hong Kong

“Interning at Reason Foundation was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

Immigration is a huge problem in the US. During my 6-week stay in LA, I lived in a Hispanic neighbourhood where a lot of my neighbours don’t really speak English but rather Spanish. Some of them are probably the ones who are told to leave the country, just like the people we covered during our journalistic research at Reason Foundation. The issue is far more controversial than I expected. There are people with very diverse opinions scattered across the spectrum.

One of the stories we covered was about code enforcement violations handled by a private firm hired by the city government. One of the victims was first cited because her tenants had chickens in her backyard. She was then billed for $6000 for the cost of her own prosecution. It made me realise how blessed I am living in Hong Kong. We of course have our own urging problems but we must still bear in mind our strengths and believe that there’s always a way.”

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