Shoppers pay price for dodgy law

Nicole Idanna Alpert (The Standard, 20 May 2008) How much harm can losing a few products because of mandatory nutritional labeling actually cause? The supermarkets will still be stocked. Corner shops and wet markets will function much as they do today. And, whether consumers gloss over or ignore the informationContinue reading>

Mandatory health care has flaws

Nicole Idanna Alpert (The Standard, 8 April 2008)  No health-care system is perfect – they all have their flaws. Mounting criticism of our mandatory health-care report illustrates many. York Chow Yat-ngok, Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food, has said: “The middle class is the main contributor to the economy, bolsteringContinue reading>

If it's a runny nose, take a cab

Andrew Work (24th November 2005) Economics seems like an esoteric subject for many, best left to crusty academics, pedantic politicians and think- tank policy wonks. However, it becomes much more relevant when your life, or the life of a loved one hangs in the balance as you wait for anContinue reading>

Hong Kong parents left out of decision-making

Andrew Work (4 June 2005) Fact: A petition signed by over 10,000 parents was delivered to CE Tsang last Wednesday that “criticized the commission for excluding parents from selecting the language of instruction for their children‿. Fact: The Hong Kong Teachers’ Union believes that schools should not have the discretionContinue reading>