Resorting to Keynes and other crutches

Dan Ryan (1 December 2008) The world’s governments are about to embark on a massive spending spree. China is busy spending US$586 billion. Others in the region have committed to large government spending packages. US president-elect Barack Obama has just announced he plans to save or create 2.5 million newContinue reading>

Half Full or Half Empty?

Andrew Work (SCMP, 2 June 2007)Cheers!  Pint glasses were raised and champagne sparkled in celebration of the tax cut on beer and wine.  A new era of lower prices was to be delivered courtesy of Mr. Tang’s generous March budget.  However, three months on, it seems that things have notContinue reading>

Rental voucher can be a way out

(13 February 2007) Imagine what the situation would be like doubling the market potential of Hong Kong’s property market by freeing the opportunity suppressed by the Housing Authority.  Nearly 50% of Hong Kong population dwells in public housing provided by Housing Authority.  Half a century ago when the victims ofContinue reading>