Work, not welfare

Dan Ryan (SCMP, 21 October 2008) One of the key elements of Donald Tsang Yam-kuen’s recent policy address was his plan to introduce an across-the-board statutory minimum wage in the coming 2008-2009 legislative session. While no doubt guided by the best intentions – if implemented – this policy would beContinue reading>

Law to create maximum damage

Nicole Idanna Alpert (The Standard, May 6 2008) With Hong Kong’s resources, you wouldn’t think we would ever entertain reckless legislation, but it’s continually part of our political culture. These imprudent laws look great on paper and, with a good orator, can impress, but there is a catch: they won’tContinue reading>

Reopen our doors to hard-working people

Andrew Work (SCMP, 3 August 2007) A woman arrives in Hong Kong and receives 3 job offers from high end services firms.  She graduated from the best training institutions for her profession.  This Japanese Canadian is perfectly fluent in English, Japanese and French.  Yet she leaves with no job.  TheContinue reading>

MPF: Time for Reform

Andrew Work (RTHK, 27th June 2007) Andrew Work disucsses the future of the MPF with Sin Chung Kai (LegCo Democratic Party) and Mandy Tam (LegCo, Accounting) on RTHK’s Backchat. Tune in and listen up! Link:

The statist wolf in sheep's clothing

Andrew Work (SCMP, 15th May 2007) In my native Canada, politicians dress up desperately needed market measures in heart-warming, economically senseless language protecting the state’s role. In Hong Kong, where people are acutely aware of the benefits of free markets, the opposite is true. Even ardent socialists try to dressContinue reading>