A make work scheme for foreign lawyers

Next Magazine (Second opinion A004, 2013.12.19)   Hong Kong’s competition law came into effect on 18 January 2013. Commissioners were appointed from 1 May 2013 and heads of the judicial Competition Tribunal from 1 August. As these appointments take place, it is increasingly clear what the competition law is allContinue reading>

Head in the clouds

Next Magazine (Second opinion A004, 2012.11.15)   High above Central in an eyrie so elevated that most people would get dizzy looking down, lies the offices of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Its primary responsibilities are to maintain currency and banking stability, which require very specific and skilled, butContinue reading>

Fading Prudence

Hong Kong’s proposed new budget continues a dramatic shift in the size and role of government that breaks through the boundaries of the Basic Law. From 1997-2007 Hong Kong grew total public spending at an average of 2.3% per annum. The recently announced budget shows growth since then that willContinue reading>