Lion Rock Scholarship Programme 2022

The application deadline has been extended to March 31, 2022.

Application Information

Lion Rock Scholarship Programme:

The Lion Rock Institute has established a scholarship programme for Senior Secondary and University students in Hong Kong. We would sponsor students with a sound understanding of freedom, who would benefit from a learning experience in a world class free market economic think tank overseas, to gain insight into other societies, and to gain further understanding of economic and personal freedom.

Our target participants:

Senior Secondary students – elective subjects in Economics or other disciplines.

Local University students – majoring in Economics, Public Policy, or other disciplines.

Knowledge of economics is not must required. More importantly, these students should have a passion for freedom and a desire to expand their knowledge in this area.

DO YOU WANT MORE FREEDOM? If the answer is yes, you should sign up!

Number of scholars for 2022 :

3-6 students

Programme timeline for Summer batch 2022:

Application  Initial SelectionInformation Session & TrainingFinal SelectionOverseas Think tank ExperienceDebriefing & Sharing of Experience
31 March
Month of AprilMonth of MayEarly JuneSummer 2022Sept & Beyond

Application & Initial Selection:

The first part of the application process is comprised of the submission of the student’s resume and a written submission. The topic of the written submission is (in no more than 500 words):

“If you were to represent the institute attending a Hong Kong SAR government meeting to discuss anti-epidemic policy objectives and details, what advice would you give the government and what would be your policy recommendations?”

The applications and in particular the written submission will aid in the shortlisting of applicants. The deadline for Application will be on 31 March 2022 .

Training Sessions:

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a series of training and information sessions aimed at deepening students’ knowledge of freedom. Discussion periods will be a central component of these sessions and will enable us to filter applicants via their involvement and application of knowledge. The training schedule will be sent to the students once the application is confirmed.

Assessment Sessions:


Students are required to write 2 articles on public policy of Hong Kong. Articles will be published in The Lion Rock Institute website and other social media outlets of The Lion Rock Institute.

Legco Consultation:

Students will be instructed to speak on behalf of or submission in 1 Legco consultation session.

Final Selections:

We will assemble a student selection committee including Lion Rock Institute Board Members and Members from Programme Sponsors to perform the final rounds of interviews. Applicants will be asked to propose a policy change that can improve the lives of the people of Hong Kong.

Where we can send students:

Atlas Network

Cato Institute

Ayn Rand Institute

Institute of Public Affairs

Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Reason Foundation

We have strong relationships with these think tanks, and have previously sent students to some of them. They are all established organizations focusing on promoting freedom. In 2019, we received over 40 initial applications, from which 11 students were selected to attend our training classes. A final of four students were awarded a scholarship and two scholars were sent to Ayn Rand Institute (Irvine California) and Institute of Public Affairs (Melbourne).

Debriefing and Sharing of Experience:

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Scholars will be expected to share their experience and to continue to represent the institute as freedom fighters.

Financial Sponsorship:

We will provide round-trip flight tickets, but does not cover accommodation, food or daily expenses. If necessary, Awardee please also make your own provisions for travel insurance.

(The amount is subject to the final decision of The Lion Rock Institute)

For full programme information, please download the detailed guide by:

clicking here

TO SIGN UP – Submit your resume + Written submission to this email (deadline is on Feb 28, 2022):


Important Note:

1.     COVID-19 Disclaimer: Please note that all travel opportunities will be subject to government or organization restrictions. The programme may be subject to change to webinar or other such contingencies.

2. Because of the crucial importance of obtaining the right travel visas, the Scholarship will be dependent on the student to acquire an appropriate travel visa once selected.

3. Also, some think tanks may conduct their own interviews before students are accepted into their programme.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. In case of disputes, the Institute reserves the rights of final decision, including suspending, terminating or changing details of The Scholarship Programme and its terms and conditions without prior notice.
  2. If any part of the terms and conditions is unclear, the Institute reserve the rights to interpret when deemed appropriate. By participating in the event, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.

The Lion Rock Institute – Lion Rock Scholarship Programme 2022