Open Letter on Competition Law

An “open letter” to Government and business from The Lion Rock Institute: LRI reiterates that the current competition legislation will greatly undermine competition and the rule of law in Hong Kong

Don’t sell out the concept of competition – Hong Kong’s business and legal reputation is at stake
Can you accept a piece of legislation that exempts the government from anti-competitive behavior? If the ICAC and Equal Opportunities Commission are independent and they investigate (and sanction) public and private alike, why not the Competition Committee?
This is a very scary bill. There’s absolutely no way a lawyer could support it. It is so broad in what it covers, so lacking in clarity, so easy to extend to cover all mergers. It is so simple – bans all competitive conduct or agreements , unless there are offsetting economic benefits. Thus all commerce is potentially subject to review. Companies will have to review nearly all of their commercial relationships. 

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