EFN Asia Annual Conference 2012 – Nov 07

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and The Lion Rock Institute
EFN-youtube-RazeenSally Case Study by Razeen Sally: A New Birth of Economic Freedom for Asia
EFN-youtube-SimonLee Case Study by Simon Lee: The Culture of Dependency
Simon’s speech centred around how an efficient and capitalist education system can prevent a dependency on welfare. Simon spoke about how the education system currently in place is a socialist method of teaching and that the result of such a system is the reliance of children growing up to rely on central authorities for welfare.
EFN-youtube-TomPalmer Synopsis by Tom Palmer, Vise President for Internation Programs, the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, USA
Dr. Tom G. Palmer is the executive Vice President for international programs at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and a Senior Fellow and director at the Cato University. Addressing the 2012 Economic Freedom Network Asia conference, Dr. Palmer discussed the failures and political subtext of welfare populism.

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