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Books and Magazines  The Road to Serfdom 《往左走往右 走-海耶克啟迪自由之路》 In addition to Best Practice, the Institute has many other publications. The Institute’s publications not only help to educate students, but also the greater public. With support, Lion Rock published its first publication, the Chinese translation of The Road to Serfdom《往左走往右Continue reading>


Submissions Policy Papers Books & Magazines One of the ways in which The Lion Rock Institute engages in issues is through the development of policy, conducting research and analysis, and publishing findings. The Institute is involved in all policy matters in Hong Kong, with the majority of efforts going towardsContinue reading>

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For media enquiries, please contact: Peter Wong The Lion Rock Institute (+852) 8101 2112 communications (at) *Please replace (at) with @

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The Lion Rock Institute can be found at: Room 18, 18/F, 299 QRC, 299 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong Tel: +852 35828673 / 35828674 Enquiries: Communications(a) Please replace (a) with @.

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American Enterprise Institute Atlas Economic Research Foundation Cato Institute The Hudson Institute Institute for Humane Studies Institute of Economic Affairs Institute of Public Affairs (Australia)  State Policy Network  International Policy Network Mackinac Center for Public Policy Michigan Mannkal Economic Education Foundation The Centre for Independent Studies


Summer internship 2013 (local) As a leading free market think tank in the city, the Lion Rock Institute are always committed in nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. The Lion Rock summer internship is open to all university students, including postgraduate and undergraduate, regardless of major(s). SuccessfulContinue reading>


What is The Lion Rock Institute? Why the name “The Lion Rock Institute”? What is The Lion Rock Institute’s mission? Where does it get its funding? Who are LRIs “customers”? What’s the history of how it got started? What is The Lion Rock Institute? The Lion Rock Institute is HongContinue reading>

What we do

The Lion Rock Institute’s mission is to promote free market thought in Hong Kong through: a direct and demonstrable impact on government policy; educate policy makers, active political participants and the general public on the benefit of adopting free market values in building a prosperous Hong Kong; and promote HongContinue reading>

Onshore vs. Offshore

Onshores not willing or able to compete – just like in any game – start playing dirty. The media has well covered the significant negative publicity that Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs or offshores) have received. The Dark Knight’s shooting in Hong Kong is one example where the SAR features asContinue reading>