NPC delegate Sit blasts Friedman

A veteran delegate to the National People’s Congress has hit back at a recent editorial by Nobel Prize-winner Milton Friedman, calling the American economist’s opinions on Hong Kong’s laissez-faire policy unwelcome and misguided. Jonathan Cheng – Wednesday, October 11, 2006 A veteran delegate to the National People’s Congress has hitContinue reading>

Tsang `laissez-faire' row grows

Jonathan Cheng –  Friday, September 15, 2006 The apparent abandonment of Hong Kong’s laissez-faire ideology is quickly growing into a crisis of confidence, with one prominent party leader demanding the chief executive fully explain what he meant when he said that “positive nonintervention” was dead – and had been forContinue reading>

Free trade supporters hit back (Telegraph)

Monday 14th August, 2006 Free trade supporters hit backBy Richard Spencer in Hong Kong  (Filed: 16/12/2005) Free trade hit back outside Hong Kong’s World Trade Organisation talks yesterday, mounting a small but cogently argued “anti-anti-globalisation” demonstration. While Korean farmers, Indonesian fishermen and international Marxists rallied in favour of protecting marketsContinue reading>

Group seeks global freedom to trade

Leslie Kwoh – Friday, December 16, 2005 As the South Korean farmers launched their third day of protectionist protests, a more subdued group of free marketeers demonstrated on the other side of the harbor. Ten members of the Freedom to Trade Coalition – comprising about six organizations representing Ghana, India,Continue reading>