Open Letter on Competition Law

An “open letter” to Government and business from The Lion Rock Institute: LRI reiterates that the current competition legislation will greatly undermine competition and the rule of law in Hong Kong Don’t sell out the concept of competition – Hong Kong’s business and legal reputation is at stakeCan you acceptContinue reading>

Newsletter Archive

Lion Rock Newsletter – June 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – May 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – April 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – March 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – February 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – January 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – December 2012 Lion Rock Newsletter – November 2012 Lion RockContinue reading>

Books and Magazines

Books and Magazines  The Road to Serfdom 《往左走往右 走-海耶克啟迪自由之路》 In addition to Best Practice, the Institute has many other publications. The Institute’s publications not only help to educate students, but also the greater public. With support, Lion Rock published its first publication, the Chinese translation of The Road to Serfdom《往左走往右Continue reading>


Submissions Policy Papers Books & Magazines One of the ways in which The Lion Rock Institute engages in issues is through the development of policy, conducting research and analysis, and publishing findings. The Institute is involved in all policy matters in Hong Kong, with the majority of efforts going towardsContinue reading>

Submission for Response to the Bills Committee on Minimum Wage Bill

Honourable TAM Yiu-chung, GBS, JPAttn: Clerk to Bills Committee, Kiwi NGLegislative Council Secretariat3/F Citibank Tower3 Garden RoadCentral Hong 15, 2009By E-mail: Re: Response to the Bills Committee on Minimum Wage Bill  LC Paper No. CB(2)2571/08-09(13) Dear Sir/Madam, The Lion Rock Institute strongly opposes plans to introduce a minimumContinue reading>

How Not to Solve a Crisis

How Not to Solve a Crisis by Bill Stacey and Julian Morris For over a year, financial markets have been in turmoil. Banks have been refusing to lend to one another. Companies and individuals have found it increasingly difficult to borrow money. Investors and pension holders have seen the valueContinue reading>

Freedom to Trade Coalition

3 April 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1000+ Leading Economists, Policy Makers and other Distinguished Persons Call on Governments to Reject Protectionism and Eliminate Trade Barriers Open letter stresses free trade promotes prosperity and peace, warns that protectionism prolongs recession and could lead to war Freedom to Trade Coalition holds G20Continue reading>

Submission for Consultation regarding the Review of the Urban Renewal Strategy

Hon LAU Wong-fatChairmanPanel on DevelopmentLegislative CouncilHong Kong Special Administrative Regionc/o Legislative Council Secretariat Submission to the Legislative CouncilPanel on DevelopmentRegarding the Review of the Urban Renewal StrategyFriday April 3rd, 2009         CB(1)1240/08-09(05) The Lion Rock Institute (LRI) appreciates the opportunity to comment on the Urban Renewal Strategy (URS). The Lion RockContinue reading>