A make work scheme for foreign lawyers

Next Magazine (Second opinion A004, 2013.12.19)   Hong Kong’s competition law came into effect on 18 January 2013. Commissioners were appointed from 1 May 2013 and heads of the judicial Competition Tribunal from 1 August. As these appointments take place, it is increasingly clear what the competition law is allContinue reading>

Competition Law and (Dis)order

Dan Ryan (Wall Street Journal, 15 July 2010) One of Hong Kong’s greatest commercial strengths is the rule of law. Both global and local businesses operate right on the doorstep of China with all the traditional common-law protections found in America or Britain. The territory has the additional advantage ofContinue reading>

Bad Buy

Dan Ryan (SCMP, 7 July 2010) For over five years, the Lion Rock Institute has been trying to draw public attention to the flaws in the government’s plan to introduce a cross-sector competition law in Hong Kong. The central problem with the proposed law is that it is based onContinue reading>