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Ideas and the mission are essential to the Institute. At the same time, fundraising is one of the most vital and sensitive issues for any non-profit, public policy organization. Since its inception, The Lion Rock Institute has been responsible for raising its own funds to continue its work, and of course does not accept any kind of government funding, be it in the form of grants or donations.

Commitment through supporters, either monetary, scholarly or another type of charity, accompany the Institute throughout its growth, and without it, the Institute would not have developed as rapidly. While every non-profit has difficulty in obtaining funding, the Institute has succeeded to fund itself for the past five years with only small difficulty. It is hoped that renewed support will ease the difficulty of fundraising and leave room for the creation of growth, ideas and expansion.

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With an ever-growing support base and giving history, the Institute has proven the ability to plan for future growth. Our first book received support from Sun Hung Kai Properties and the Shih Wing Ching Foundation. Without their philanthropy, the launch of the book would not have been as successful.

You may choose to subscribe to Lion Rock’s journal or give a charitable donation. You may donate by contacting our office, direct deposit or pay via paypal. Please note: HK residents donating through paypal are not eligible to receive tax deductions. Should you want a tax deduction receipt, please send your donation by cheque to The Lion Rock Institute (HK) Ltd. or directly deposit to our HSBC A/C 400-639415-001

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