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How to Survive in this wave of virus(JB)- This virus change the whole world in very very long term due to paradigm shift and habit change. 1. Commercial building is no longer essential and therefore not a safe investment (work from home). 2. Complex Mall/ Retail Point rental shall significantly drop due to lack of demand. 3. Restaurant/Continue reading>
[Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID 19) Opinion Poll Result]WHO’s credibility crisis: Hong Kong people’s Mistrust of the WHO and cause- The Lion Rock Institute conducted a poll regarding Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid 19) . The findings showed that a Majority of Hong Kong people do not trust the data provided by Chinese government. The poll findings also shows that Organizations such as the WHO, through lending credence to Mainland Chinese data,Continue reading>
[Ranking] The Lion Rock Institute: HK’s No.2 Think Tank- The Lion Rock Institute ranked #2 in Hong Kong, #53 in East Asia(China, India, Japan and Korea), according to the Global Go To Think Tank Index 2019. Report: https://repository.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1018&context=think_tanks Facebook Comments
Who is John Galt?- This is my last missive as Chairman of LRI. From 1st April, Peter Wong will resume the Chairmanship he passed to me three years ago. Apart the practical reason of making way for a younger and more energetic man (!), there are a number of other factors that led toContinue reading>


[Atlas] 2019 Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner: Cornerstone Talk with Michael Ko- Here’s the Cornerstone Talk of Michael Ko, Executive Director of the Lion Rock Institute. He shares his view of “The fight for freedom in Hong Kong” in the 2019 Atlas Liberty Forum. Facebook Comments
Lion Rock Freedom Dinner 2019 – Full picture album- Full picture album Facebook Comments

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