[Webinar]Pandemic and the Future – Australia’s local response to COVID19 and the threat that this poses for our liberties and economic freedom (Eva Christensen)

The Lion Rock Institute is organizing a webinarseries to discover the Pandemic and the Future. You will hear great speakers from your computer or cell phone. We are happy to have Ivan Li, Director of Investment Research Department of Convoy to share his view on “International Finance after the Pandemic(Cantonese),Continue reading>

[Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID 19) Opinion Poll Result]WHO’s credibility crisis: Hong Kong people’s Mistrust of the WHO and cause

The Lion Rock Institute conducted a poll regarding Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid 19) . The findings showed that a Majority of Hong Kong people do not trust the data provided by Chinese government. The poll findings also shows that Organizations such as the WHO, through lending credence to Mainland Chinese data,Continue reading>


Birdwatching / 2018-12-28 / Nick Sallnow-Smith No Xmas theme this time dear reader; and no New Year’s message either. Rather, I want to contribute some musings prompted by my recent attendance of an update on global accounting and compliance issues. For me, this is close to a visit to theContinue reading>