What are you worth?

What are you worth? Nick Sallnow-Smith (As appeared on our June 2017 Newsletter) It is often suggested by those skeptical about the value of free markets, that to contribute to the community you need to be active in the world of charities, NGOs, or what is called “public service”. ByContinue reading>


Society as an Octopus

Society as an Octopus (As appeared on our May 2017 Newsletter) Recent research into the way octopuses behave has shown that their nervous system is quite unlike human beings. Instead of its “brain” being confined to a central location, it is in effect “distributed” through its body and legs. ManyContinue reading>


Hong Kong’s descent into complacency

(Next Magazine, 2017/04/29, A002, Second Opinion, Bill Stacey) Hong Kong’s descent into complacency Some translations of the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy say that complacency leads to idolatry and brings destruction on the land. We are becoming complacent. As the seasons turn, we move through the last of the spring festivalsContinue reading>


The Anti-Capitalist Mentality

The Anti-Capitalist Mentality By Nick Sallnow-Smith (As appeared on our April 2017 Newsletter) In 1956 Ludwig von Mises published his short book “The Anti-Capitalist Mentality”. In the immediate post-war era, when the Soviet Union had been an ally of the western powers, socialist thinking was the dominant stream of economicContinue reading>