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One Ring To Rule Them All - One Ring To Rule Them All /2018-02-28/Nick Sallnow-Smith No, not an article about dogs for Chinese New Year. I thought you might have had your fill of those. Instead my title was triggered by The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance last month of their final “opera in concert” of Wagner’s RingContinue reading>
Our “Should” “Must” Society - Our “Should” “Must” Society /2018-01-31/Nick Sallnow-Smith Open any op-ed page of most newspapers (at least the English language ones that I read) and you enter the world of “should” and “must”. Many, on some days most, of the opinions expressed are about what others should be doing, or must beContinue reading>
Do Turkeys Vote for Xmas? - Do Turkeys Vote for Xmas? /2017-12-31/Nick Sallnow-Smith I thought that over the holiday season I would write on a topical subject. Of course the classic phrasing of my title would be “turkeys don’t vote for Xmas”. The implication is that even as stupid a bird as a turkey (I don’tContinue reading>
Please sir, I want some more - Please sir, I want some more /2017-11-31/Nick Sallnow-Smith My title this month, probably the best known piece of dialogue in all of Charles Dickens’ novels, is the brave question from orphan Oliver Twist to the tyrannical master of the poorhouse. I was reminded of it this month at a presentationContinue reading>
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