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Live and Let Live - Live and Let Live / 2018-10-24 / Nick Sallnow-Smith Earlier in the summer I wrote about why, in my view, Hong Kong is neither a corporation nor a commune. It is (or should be) a community of individuals living peacefully together in our city. How, you may ask, is thatContinue reading>
Freedom = Property Rights - Freedom = Property Rights / 2018-09-26 / Nick Sallnow-Smith The simple truth of my title this month is worth repeating regularly, especially in Hong Kong. It seems, listening to comments on private property rights from many people here, that they have forgotten this vital equation. Note I say “equation”; thisContinue reading>
Is Hong Kong a Commune? - Is Hong Kong a Commune? / 2018-08-28 / Nick Sallnow-Smith Last month I posed the question, is Hong Kong a Corporation? Should the Government think of the city as a business to be run? Of course my answer was ”no”, even though many of our citizens seem to believe otherwise.Continue reading>
Hong Kong was built on its free market, and business is not a zero-sum game - (Letter to SCMP Editor on Aug 9, 2018 by Lion Rock Institute Chairman Nick Sallnow-Smith) I was dismayed to read your first leader on Monday this week; not because of the subject matter but by the opening sentence (“Greater Bay Area offers a chance for tourism success”, August 6). YouContinue reading>


LRI Chairman Nick Sallnow-Smith on RTHK Backchat - Our Chairman Nick Sallnow-Smith was invited to share his views on home-sharing services such as AirBNB on Backchat on RTHK Radio3 http://www.rthk.hk/radio/radio3/programme/backchat/episode/496543/contentindex/1 Facebook Comments

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