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A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama - A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama / 31-05-2018 / Nick Sallnow-Smith I hope my title this month will at least intrigue you. This phrase is perhaps the longest palindrome ( it reads the same backwards as forwards) that has a meaning. It refers to the building of the PanamaContinue reading>
Best Use - Best Use / 2018-04-30 / Nick Sallnow-Smith My title is a real estate term. It captures the idea that for every plot of land there is a “best use”. A use which will create the most value from that site, given its location and nature. Rural sites with good soilContinue reading>
Lion Rock Scholarship Programme 2018 - LION ROCK SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME 2018 The Lion Rock Institute is looking to find & train young freedom fighters! If you are a university student in Hong Kong and like the ideas of freedom & free markets, please take a look at our Scholarship Programme. For more information and how toContinue reading>
Is Everything Under Control? - Is Everything Under Control?  /2018-03-29/Nick Sallnow-Smith You may not think it from my title but this piece is about the Budget. Let me explain. Human beings, when faced with the chaos of nature, crave some degree of certainty. Governments respond to that innate desire with welfare programmes, the promise toContinue reading>


LRI Chairman Nick Sallnow-Smith on RTHK Backchat - Our Chairman Nick Sallnow-Smith was invited to share his views on home-sharing services such as AirBNB on Backchat on RTHK Radio3 http://www.rthk.hk/radio/radio3/programme/backchat/episode/496543/contentindex/1 Facebook Comments

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