The Lion Rock Institute was founded in 2004 by Andrew Work, Simon Lee and Andrew Shuen. Lion Rock believes in the potential of the individual and free market values to provide the strongest base for guiding successful government policy in Hong Kong. The Institute was created to ensure that freedom and prosperity would continue to thrive in Hong Kong. The Institute’s mission is to promote free market ideas throughout Hong Kong to improve the lives of Hong Kongers. The Institute does this through having a direct and demonstrable impact on government policy by advancing concrete solutions to keep government small, taxes low and restrictions on business and the individual minimal. It educates policy makers, active political participants and the general public on the virtues of free enterprise in building a prosperous Hong Kong through various media outlets. The Institute globally promotes Hong Kong’s excellence in public policy that exemplifies free market values. The people of Hong Kong have a right and the capability to be involved in the debate about the economic policy of today that will affect their future.

Key Players

Peter Wong, Chairman

Mr. Peter Wong is the Chairman of the Board at the Lion Rock Institute, since April 2019.

Peter Wong served as the Executive Director of the Lion Rock Institute from 2007 to February 2015. He also served as the Chairman from Oct 2015 to March 2016. He is also a newspaper columnist, radio host and commentator on socio-economic and financial issues. Following the logic of the Austrian School Economics and free market principles, his comments are broadcast both in Chinese and English on Hong Kong’s national TV and radio station, RTHK.  He also expresses his ideas in various major media platforms internationally and in the Greater China Region, such as, BBC News, The South China Morning Post and Phoenix Satellite Television.

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Nicholas Sallnow-Smith, Director

Mr. Sallnow-Smith served as Chaiman of the institute from April 2016 to March 2019.

Hehas decades of experience as a leader in organizations including listed companies such as Link Asset Management Ltd., Hongkong Land, and Standard Chartered Bank. In addition, he has played leadership roles in schools, hospitals, charities and other public bodies. He recently stepped down as Chairman of the Board at Link Asset Management Ltd., after completing the maximum 9 years of service. Mr. Sallnow-Smith also served as the Chief Executive at Hongkong Land and Northeast Asia CEO of Standard Chartered Bank.

He is currently a Member of the Financial Reporting Council of Hong Kong, an Independent Non-Executive Director at Wynn Macau Ltd., a Senior Independent Non-Executive Director at UCP Plc, A Director at Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation and holds many other roles.

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Andrew Work, Co-Founder

Andrew’s work on economics and public policy has been published in over 15 publications including The Wall Street Journal Asia, the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Economic Times, Hong Kong Lawyer and many more. He has appeared before business organizations, government departments, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and on television and radio to promote the work of The Lion Rock Institute.  He is the author of the Hong Kong section Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s quarterly ‘Freedom Barometer Asia.’ (

He is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of New Work Media, a trade media firm that publishes flagship Harbour Times, where he is the Editor-in-Chief.  The publication serves those working full time in government and policy circles.  They also publish in-house corporate publications and work with industry associations like the Self Storage Association Asia.

Andrew cut his teeth on free market ideals in the Free Trade election of 1988 in Canada with the pro-free trade Progressive Conservatives. In addition to organizing youth sector political activity, he worked on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. After coming to Asia, Andrew worked in the events management and community building sector for 7 years, including stints with The Economist and Penton Media. Andrew was the Executive Director of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong from 2007-2012. He is a leader 1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group since 2008 and will command the Cub Section as Akela starting September 2014.

Andrew is a permanent resident of Hong Kong and passionately committed to the future success of this city. He is the ex-President of McGill University’s Hong Kong alumni (B.Sc. 1994) and received his MBA from the University of Victoria (2002). He is married and has two children, little Hong Kongers Victoria Karen (WEI Nuo) and Charlotte Alisha (WEI Rui).

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Andrew Shuen Pak-man, Co-founder

Shuen’s commitment to this city led him to become the youngest Legco candidate in 2000 promoting the most classical liberal economic policy platform. He received a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan (B.A. Econ 1999). He was formerly an analyst specializing in the energy and natural resource sector with a respected Hong Kong investment bank. He now is a financial columnist with Apple Daily, and a radio show host at Digital Broadcast Corporation providing insights and analysis on the market and current events.

Bill Stacey, Director

Bill Stacey is a former Chairman of The Lion Rock Institute. He is also on the Board of Advisors of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation in Australia, and has been involved in advocacy of market reform for the last 25 years.  Professionally, Bill has been an executive with leading financial institutions in Asia and globally. During the 1997 financial crisis in Asia and subsequently he led restructuring initiatives, strategic assessments and provided input to reform proposals. At his previous role as a senior equity analyst with Credit Suisse, Bill led research on the three largest China financial sector IPO’s and is a leading commentator on the financial systems in the region. Bill previously also served as Managing Director and head of the Asia equities business of Keefe Bruyette and Woods, a specialist financial services investment bank. Currently he is the Chief Investment Officer at the Hinrich Foundation.

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The Lion Rock Institute (HK) Ltd
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Inland Revenue Department registered charitable institution IRD registered charitable institution since 28 April 2009
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Gavin Andrew Work

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Wong Yee Wai

Shuen Pak Man Andrew

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