Freedom = Property Rights

Freedom = Property Rights / 2018-09-26 / Nick Sallnow-Smith The simple truth of my title this month is worth repeating regularly, especially in Hong Kong. It seems, listening to comments on private property rights from many people here, that they have forgotten this vital equation. Note I say “equation”; thisContinue reading>


Conduct / 2018-06-26 / Nick Sallnow-Smith You will have to be patient for a couple of paragraphs before I arrive at explaining the title for my thoughts this month. My route to it begins with a quick reprise of the difference between “natural law” and what I will term “codeContinue reading>

Best Use

Best Use / 2018-04-30 / Nick Sallnow-Smith My title is a real estate term. It captures the idea that for every plot of land there is a “best use”. A use which will create the most value from that site, given its location and nature. Rural sites with good soilContinue reading>