Submission for Housing Panel

Andrew Work (April 13th 2007) Respect for property rights and freedom to enter into lawful contracts underpin our civilization and Hong Kong’s prosperity.  Recent discussions taking place in the legislature suggest that some legislators do not fully considered the ramifications of their legislative activism in repeatedly calling to task TheContinue reading>

At Your Doorstep

Andrew Work (SCMP, 30 March 2007) Property rights matter.  Immensely.  Starting with dominion over your own body, all freedoms in society flow from your ability to retain and control the use of your property.  That is why it is so alarming that in Hong Kong, property rights seem to beContinue reading>

A whipping boy for our socialists

By Andrew Work (SCMP, 18th January 2007) The copy being posted here is the original. What do Wal-Mart and The Link of Hong Kong have in common?  Not much it would seem.  One is an American based global retailer.  The other a local landlord born out of a government privatization. Continue reading>

Rest in peace, GST

Andrew Work and Wallace S.T. Chan (SCMP, 18th December 2006) Members, associate scholars, staff and supporters of The Lion Rock Institute  were thrilled, we are sure, to see the headlines heralding the demise of the proposed goods and services tax earlier this month. Many groups in Hong Kong came outContinue reading>

A free lunch for Friedman

Andrew Work and Wallace Chan (The Standard, Sunday 26th November, 2006) The renowned American economist Milton Friedman passed away last week in San Francisco at the age of 94. Despite his sudden departure, he left us an enriched free-market philosophy. In the 1940s, Friedman had already established himself as anContinue reading>

If it's a runny nose, take a cab

Andrew Work (24th November 2005) Economics seems like an esoteric subject for many, best left to crusty academics, pedantic politicians and think- tank policy wonks. However, it becomes much more relevant when your life, or the life of a loved one hangs in the balance as you wait for anContinue reading>

Hong Kong parents left out of decision-making

Andrew Work (4 June 2005) Fact: A petition signed by over 10,000 parents was delivered to CE Tsang last Wednesday that “criticized the commission for excluding parents from selecting the language of instruction for their children‿. Fact: The Hong Kong Teachers’ Union believes that schools should not have the discretionContinue reading>