Hong Kong’s Bequest

  The idea of positive non-intervention is arguably one of Hong Kong’ s greatest bequests to political thought. This idea is even more relevant today as ad-hoc government responses to economic problems are creating an ever deeper financial crisis. Yet despite the better performance of Hong Kong because of itsContinue reading>

Save our values, not Government Hill

Public opinion polls are a poor way to run government policy. Polls are especially ill suited for policies about land use and development. If every separate development is subject to a vote, it undermines property rights and the ability to develop a diverse and vibrant city that caters to manyContinue reading>

Strengthening the middle

Salaries and income taxes are less inevitable than the old canard about death and taxes would have you believe. Historically, income taxes were usually introduced to finance war. Similarly the salaries tax in Hong Kong was not introduced until 1940. Whilst suspended during the Japanese occupation, it resumed in 1947.Continue reading>

Reopen our doors to hard-working people

Andrew Work (SCMP, 3 August 2007) A woman arrives in Hong Kong and receives 3 job offers from high end services firms.  She graduated from the best training institutions for her profession.  This Japanese Canadian is perfectly fluent in English, Japanese and French.  Yet she leaves with no job.  TheContinue reading>

MPF: Time for Reform

Andrew Work (RTHK, 27th June 2007) Andrew Work disucsses the future of the MPF with Sin Chung Kai (LegCo Democratic Party) and Mandy Tam (LegCo, Accounting) on RTHK’s Backchat. Tune in and listen up! Link: http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/radio3/backchat/20070627.html

Half Full or Half Empty?

Andrew Work (SCMP, 2 June 2007)Cheers!  Pint glasses were raised and champagne sparkled in celebration of the tax cut on beer and wine.  A new era of lower prices was to be delivered courtesy of Mr. Tang’s generous March budget.  However, three months on, it seems that things have notContinue reading>

The statist wolf in sheep's clothing

Andrew Work (SCMP, 15th May 2007) In my native Canada, politicians dress up desperately needed market measures in heart-warming, economically senseless language protecting the state’s role. In Hong Kong, where people are acutely aware of the benefits of free markets, the opposite is true. Even ardent socialists try to dressContinue reading>