Education Bureau

(Next Magazine, 2015/8/13, A002, Second Opinion, Andrew Work) Education Bureau The Canadian International School’s (CDNIS) very public row may seem irrelevant to the average person on the street. Though the Education Bureau may have other priorities than the education of the children of affluent mainlanders, expats and locals, it needs toContinue reading>

We need talents

(Next Magazine, 2015/5/28, A002, Second Opinion, Andrew Work) We need talents Hong Kong, as Lord Palmerston famously declared, was “a barren rock with nary a house upon it.” We have transformed into a great world city by importing the essentials for survival: water, food, construction materials, power and above all, humanContinue reading>

Join TPP not AIIB

Next Magazine (2015/4/2, A002, Second Opinion, Andrew Work) Join TPP not AIIB Instead of the China-sponsored Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Hong Kong should join the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is in keeping with our roots as a free port that has created, over the last century and a half,Continue reading>

Reopen our doors to hard-working people

Andrew Work (SCMP, 3 August 2007) A woman arrives in Hong Kong and receives 3 job offers from high end services firms.  She graduated from the best training institutions for her profession.  This Japanese Canadian is perfectly fluent in English, Japanese and French.  Yet she leaves with no job.  TheContinue reading>

MPF: Time for Reform

Andrew Work (RTHK, 27th June 2007) Andrew Work disucsses the future of the MPF with Sin Chung Kai (LegCo Democratic Party) and Mandy Tam (LegCo, Accounting) on RTHK’s Backchat. Tune in and listen up! Link:

Half Full or Half Empty?

Andrew Work (SCMP, 2 June 2007)Cheers!  Pint glasses were raised and champagne sparkled in celebration of the tax cut on beer and wine.  A new era of lower prices was to be delivered courtesy of Mr. Tang’s generous March budget.  However, three months on, it seems that things have notContinue reading>