The Lion Rock Institute Public Housing Unit Exchange Scheme

The Lion Rock Institute Public Housing Unit Exchange Scheme Overview: Nearly half of Hong Kong’s population lives in public housing, but is this housing stock being used efficiently? No! The currently system is highly inefficient, leading to wastage of scarce land resources. Here’s why. Once a public housing resident entersContinue reading>

On Minimum Wage

When Ms. Weng, a receptionist who the Minimum Wage is sure to impact, was asked about the legislation, she didn’t seem to know what it was. Ms. Weng moved to Hong Kong from Shun De (順德) China when she was ten. At 25 years old, she works as a receptionistContinue reading>

Open Letter on Competition Law

An “open letter” to Government and business from The Lion Rock Institute: LRI reiterates that the current competition legislation will greatly undermine competition and the rule of law in Hong Kong Don’t sell out the concept of competition – Hong Kong’s business and legal reputation is at stakeCan you acceptContinue reading>

Newsletter Archive

Lion Rock Newsletter – June 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – May 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – April 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – March 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – February 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – January 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – December 2012 Lion Rock Newsletter – November 2012 Lion RockContinue reading>