[Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID 19) Opinion Poll Result]WHO’s credibility crisis: Hong Kong people’s Mistrust of the WHO and cause

The Lion Rock Institute conducted a poll regarding Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid 19) . The findings showed that a Majority of Hong Kong people do not trust the data provided by Chinese government. The poll findings also shows that Organizations such as the WHO, through lending credence to Mainland Chinese data,Continue reading>

Press Release: The Lion Rock Institute strongly opposes to Mr. Christopher Cheung’s proposal for capital and foreign exchange controls which makes Hong Kong a third-rate financial centre

In response to Christopher Cheung Wah-fung, a member of the Legislative Council of the Financial Services constituency, who advocated capital and foreign exchange control, The Lion Rock Institute, selected by the Pennsylvania University of the United States as the second think tank in Hong Kong, responded as follows: The LionContinue reading>