HKEx monopoly should be the target for attack

Annette Chau – South China Morning Post (A11, 08/23/2011) Computers crash; that’s a fact of life. Even nine-year-old children on school computers are taught to back up their homework. For anyone, it can be a foolhardy strategy to put all your eggs in one basket, especially when it comes to IT.

Payback Time

Research Associate Nicole Alpert and Director Dan Ryan are interviewed in Gafencu Men Issue May 2011 in “Payback Time” on the Government’s recent handouts. Read more at

Tobacco Tax Vs Smoking

Research Associate Nicole Alpert appears on Backchat to debate “Tobacco Tax Vs Smoking”,, discussing the tax in the wake of a recent study on the relationship between cost and numbers of people who smoke. It’s no new news that youngsters are price sensitive, but we should enforce the lawsContinue reading>

Hong Kong Monopoly?

Hong Kong Magazine (1/28/2011) Does Hong Kong have a competition problem? The hotly debated competition law, which the Legislative Council is currently examining, would set up a commission and a tribunal to limit conduct that prevents competition. The Lion Rock Institute, where I work, strives to educate the public onContinue reading>