MK Street Debate

The Lion Rock Institute was invited by the Hong Kong Youth Think Tank 【1】 to debate in the streets of Mong Kok against Legislative Council Honourable Member “Long Hair” and the LSD (in Cantonese). The educational debate attracted hundreds of onlookers. The debate was a lively one 【2】 and theContinue reading>

Competition Law Will Benefit Hong Kong

In a letter to the WSJ dated July 20, 2010, Andrew Simpson and Marc Waha responded to Dan Ryan’s article “Competition Law and (Dis)order” with the following claims: Dan Ryan exaggerates the “vagueness and arbitrariness” of Hong Kong’s proposed competition law; most businesses can pinpoint the distinction between when theyContinue reading>


Education Policy Work The Lion Rock Institute seeks to move “the window of possibility.” We do this through many different means, and one of the most important is our student outreach and education. The Institute hosts secondary and trade school talks, and University lectures. We also offer private and groupContinue reading>

Task Force on Minimum Wage

Friends, After the passage of the minimum wage law, Matthew Cheung, the Secretary for Labour and Welfare, openly acknowledge that workers would lose their jobs. It is said that the legislation is passed and that now there is no point debating if Hong Kong should have a statutory minimum wage,Continue reading>

On Minimum Wage

When Ms. Weng, a receptionist who the Minimum Wage is sure to impact, was asked about the legislation, she didn’t seem to know what it was. Ms. Weng moved to Hong Kong from Shun De (順德) China when she was ten. At 25 years old, she works as a receptionistContinue reading>

Open Letter on Competition Law

An “open letter” to Government and business from The Lion Rock Institute: LRI reiterates that the current competition legislation will greatly undermine competition and the rule of law in Hong Kong Don’t sell out the concept of competition – Hong Kong’s business and legal reputation is at stakeCan you acceptContinue reading>

Newsletter Archive

Lion Rock Newsletter – June 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – May 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – April 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – March 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – February 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – January 2013 Lion Rock Newsletter – December 2012 Lion Rock Newsletter – November 2012 Lion RockContinue reading>