After the WTO: The Violent Enemy Within

Andrew Work (October 21, 2005) The recent turmoil at Wai Hong Cleaning and Pest Control is not a government-outsourcing problem. Nor is it an example of exploitation or of outsourcing resulting in underpaid workers. The problem is exploitation by Hong Kong unions that seek to recreate the livelihood-and-economy-destroying laws thatContinue reading>

Healthcare: Our Thinking Must Change

(Apple Daily, August 1 2005)   Synopsis Public debate on healthcare reform leads to nowhere because there are 3 key misperceptions with regard to the role of public healthcare:  3 key misperceptions Private healthcare is expensive and inaccessible yet there is no guarantee of quality of service, Government has allContinue reading>

Free trade alive and well in SAR

Jonathan Cheng on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 For the thousands of demonstrators descending on Hong Kong to protest this week’s gathering of world trade ministers, free trade boosters have a ready reply: look around you, see how free trade has transformed this city. As the conference opens Tuesday, bringing theContinue reading>