Weak link between shop rents and prices

Wong Kin-ming (Insight~A9, Other Voice, 2 January 2009) Hong Kong’s retail sector has been hard hit by the economic slowdown. Property agents anticipate rents will continue to fall, and some individual landlords have acted quickly, slashing charges by more than 20 per cent. Meanwhile, The Link Reit bucked the marketContinue reading>

US auction system is best way to allocate unused radio channels

By Wong Kin-ming (SCMP, 30th January 2008)                                                       The case involving Citizens’ Radio took a bizarre twist,  mainly due to poorly defined criteria for granting broadcasting licences. Magistrate Douglas Yau Tak-hong, ruled that the Telecommunications Ordinance was in breach of both the Basic Law and the Bill of Rights, beforeContinue reading>