Payback Time

Research Associate Nicole Alpert and Director Dan Ryan are interviewed in Gafencu Men Issue May 2011 in “Payback Time” on the Government’s recent handouts. Read more at

NPC delegate Sit blasts Friedman

A veteran delegate to the National People’s Congress has hit back at a recent editorial by Nobel Prize-winner Milton Friedman, calling the American economist’s opinions on Hong Kong’s laissez-faire policy unwelcome and misguided. Jonathan Cheng – Wednesday, October 11, 2006 A veteran delegate to the National People’s Congress has hitContinue reading>

Tsang `laissez-faire' row grows

Jonathan Cheng –  Friday, September 15, 2006 The apparent abandonment of Hong Kong’s laissez-faire ideology is quickly growing into a crisis of confidence, with one prominent party leader demanding the chief executive fully explain what he meant when he said that “positive nonintervention” was dead – and had been forContinue reading>

Free trade supporters hit back (Telegraph)

Monday 14th August, 2006 Free trade supporters hit backBy Richard Spencer in Hong Kong  (Filed: 16/12/2005) Free trade hit back outside Hong Kong’s World Trade Organisation talks yesterday, mounting a small but cogently argued “anti-anti-globalisation” demonstration. While Korean farmers, Indonesian fishermen and international Marxists rallied in favour of protecting marketsContinue reading>