How to Survive in this wave of virus(JB)

This virus change the whole world in very very long term due to paradigm shift and habit change.

1. Commercial building is no longer essential and therefore not a safe investment (work from home).
2. Complex Mall/ Retail Point rental shall significantly drop due to lack of demand.
3. Restaurant/ Retail behaviour changes totally. People rather cook at home and buy online. (And work from home)
4. Way to provide Education change (learn from home)
5. Worker Automation raise (outside China) due to local manufacturing.
6. Global supply chain re shift; no longer competitive advantages; local first. (bye bye world factory)
7. Slash worker raise
8. Advertising and Marketing shall drop significantly.
9. Japan Zen style worklife balance will raise.
10. Luxury spending gone. (No one see you; why bother)

Survivor in this wave:
1. Telecom (survive; not necessary making lots of money)
2. Local SME whom fast enough to capture local demand.
3. Company that benefit from Gov money…

Author: JB(Fellow of The Lion Rock Institute)

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