The tragedy that is West Kowloon

(Next Magazine, 2017/01/26, A002, Second Opinion, Bill Stacey) Is there a good solution to the Palace Museum controversy? How should we decide the right use of valuable land? Who should decide who builds and designs the monuments? These are questions calling for an answer. Now most of the great historic monumentsContinue reading>


The Lion Rock Institute Public Housing Unit Exchange Scheme

The Lion Rock Institute Public Housing Unit Exchange Scheme Overview: Nearly half of Hong Kong’s population lives in public housing, but is this housing stock being used efficiently? No! The currently system is highly inefficient, leading to wastage of scarce land resources. Here’s why. Once a public housing resident entersContinue reading>


Press Advisory – Relaxing of Restrictions on the Issuance of Passenger Licenses for Private Cars

The recent arrests of Uber staff and drivers have shown that the Hong Kong government neglects the welfare of passengers and drivers who do not operate traditional taxis. The Lion Rock Institute believes that the issuing of passenger licenses for private cars ought to be reformed to become fairer and more objective, without numerical limits to meetContinue reading>