Asset (Mis)management

Asset (Mis)management / 2019-01-25 / Nick Sallnow-Smith I have written before (“Best Use”) on the damaging effect of the land lease structure in Hong Kong on the ability of land use to change to reflect community needs. That piece focussed on leases held by the private sector. This month IContinue reading>


Birdwatching / 2018-12-28 / Nick Sallnow-Smith No Xmas theme this time dear reader; and no New Year’s message either. Rather, I want to contribute some musings prompted by my recent attendance of an update on global accounting and compliance issues. For me, this is close to a visit to theContinue reading>

Freedom = Property Rights

Freedom = Property Rights / 2018-09-26 / Nick Sallnow-Smith The simple truth of my title this month is worth repeating regularly, especially in Hong Kong. It seems, listening to comments on private property rights from many people here, that they have forgotten this vital equation. Note I say “equation”; thisContinue reading>