state owned enterprises

Privatize Our SOEs

Next Magazine (2015.01.01, A002, Second Opinion, Bill Stacey) As we seek to heal the wounds of the political divide and show that “one country two systems” might have meaning, we could do worse than focus on removing more activities from the political realm. This is no more important than in theContinue reading>


Don’t Follow Argentina

Next Magazine (2014.11.27, A002, Second Opinion, Bill Stacey) A popular explanation for discontent manifested in protests for democracy is that it results from a wealth gap and rising inequality in Hong Kong. It is argued that bad policy is dictated by plutocrats that have extra votes and the government in theirContinue reading>


1 2 3 Show (2014/11/07)

On today’s 123 Show, we can hear Andrew Shuen at 1.30. Let’s see what trending news he has to share! After 2pm, Alison Macleod will talk about her work and the Literary Festival. And finally after 2.30pm a short story from the HK Top Story Competition. Click here to listen