Submission for Consultation of the Private Property Rights

Submission to the Housing Panel Meeting For Friday April 13th, 2007.  CB(1)1357/06-07(01)Respect for property rights and freedom to enter into lawful contracts underpin ourcivilization and Hong Kong’s prosperity. Recent discussions taking place in thelegislature suggest that some legislators do not fully considered the ramifications oftheir legislative activism in repeatedly callingContinue reading>

All the makings of a dream team

Raymond Ho (SCMP, 19 February 2007) The Link Management is the company attracting most public attention in Hong Kong, not because of its size but because it was once a part of the government. Recent controversies over leasing issues have brought it into the media’s focus. Public opinion is almostContinue reading>

Rental voucher can be a way out

(13 February 2007) Imagine what the situation would be like doubling the market potential of Hong Kong’s property market by freeing the opportunity suppressed by the Housing Authority.  Nearly 50% of Hong Kong population dwells in public housing provided by Housing Authority.  Half a century ago when the victims ofContinue reading>

Opinions about 'Fair Competition Law'

Dave Werner (Opinions about ‘Fair Competition Law,’ 1 February 2007) Please let us know what you think about the proposal of implementing the ‘Fair Competition Law’.  You may email your opinions to us at ‘HK Govt should glean some wisdom from observing that the SMEs that power Hong Kong—theContinue reading>