Competition Law Reform – The Way Forward

Dan Ryan (15 December 2008) The Hong Kong government has raised expectations that some sort of competition-related reform will be introduced in the territory in 2009. Although it may surprise some, we are in favor of this. What we are against is that nature of the proposal that the governmentContinue reading>

Hong Kong's Competition Problem

Hans Mahncke (HK Lawyer, 19 November 2008) After years of sidestepping the issue, the Hong Kong Government released its proposal for a cross-sector competition law in May, marking the beginning of a three month public consultation period. Draft legislation will be tabled in LegCo during the 2008/9 legislative session.

How to Make Hong Kong Uncompetitive

Dan Ryan (The Wall Street Journal , April 2 2008) A series of record-breaking fines in American and European competition cases is focusing attention and concern again on the power and purpose of competition regulators themselves – just ask Microsoft. So the Hong Kong government’s ongoing attempt to create suchContinue reading>

Opinions about 'Fair Competition Law'

Dave Werner (Opinions about ‘Fair Competition Law,’ 1 February 2007) Please let us know what you think about the proposal of implementing the ‘Fair Competition Law’.  You may email your opinions to us at ‘HK Govt should glean some wisdom from observing that the SMEs that power Hong Kong—theContinue reading>