Healthcare: Our Thinking Must Change

(Apple Daily, August 1 2005)   Synopsis Public debate on healthcare reform leads to nowhere because there are 3 key misperceptions with regard to the role of public healthcare:  3 key misperceptions Private healthcare is expensive and inaccessible yet there is no guarantee of quality of service, Government has allContinue reading>

If it's a runny nose, take a cab

Andrew Work (24th November 2005) Economics seems like an esoteric subject for many, best left to crusty academics, pedantic politicians and think- tank policy wonks. However, it becomes much more relevant when your life, or the life of a loved one hangs in the balance as you wait for anContinue reading>

Hong Kong parents left out of decision-making

Andrew Work (4 June 2005) Fact: A petition signed by over 10,000 parents was delivered to CE Tsang last Wednesday that “criticized the commission for excluding parents from selecting the language of instruction for their children‿. Fact: The Hong Kong Teachers’ Union believes that schools should not have the discretionContinue reading>