Rudd's red rag to reformed China

Dan Ryan (The Australian, 3 December 2009) An abridged version of the notorious The Monthly article in which Kevin Rudd blames the financial crisis on neo-liberalism has just appeared in The South China Morning Post, raising eyebrows and questions in Hong Kong. In particular, what exactly was Rudd trying toContinue reading>

Half Full or Half Empty?

Andrew Work (SCMP, 2 June 2007)Cheers!  Pint glasses were raised and champagne sparkled in celebration of the tax cut on beer and wine.  A new era of lower prices was to be delivered courtesy of Mr. Tang’s generous March budget.  However, three months on, it seems that things have notContinue reading>

At Your Doorstep

Andrew Work (SCMP, 30 March 2007) Property rights matter.  Immensely.  Starting with dominion over your own body, all freedoms in society flow from your ability to retain and control the use of your property.  That is why it is so alarming that in Hong Kong, property rights seem to beContinue reading>